27 September 2009

Pictureplane/Double Dagger/HEALTH, 9/26/2009. Sonar, Baltimore

When I was on my way to the show, I began to wonder what the crowd would be like. For the most part, all three bands are ones who receive some blog love and it would be suffice to say that they have an internet following. Well, pretty much everyone has an internet connection these days so essentially anyone could show up, I determined. Once inside Sonar, the crowd proved to be a mixed bag, to say the least. Maybe it was just me, but it seemed to be a super young crowd. Lots of young'uns, but I did see one brooding, Internet type by the bar. Like the kind of guy who found these bands on the internets, and really dug it and decided to go the show and then he gets to the show and realizes this isn't exactly what he was expecting. It's somewhat hard to explain, but when it happens the face gives off a certain expression and it's pretty easy to identify. Anyway, I'm sure even that dude had a good time because the show was awesome.
There was an opening band called Shams, but I was at the bar and he did some sort of Dan Deacon thing where he played from the floor so I couldn't totally see what he was doing. I did hear an awful lot of talk about fucking, though. However, it was a Saturday night in the city and I was drinking beer and listening to live music so it's not like I could really complain. 
Pictureplane is this guy from Denver, and he was pretty dope. The internets have drummed up the hype, but it is totally well-deserved. 
HEALTH ended up coming on next, but again no complaints on this end. So cool. Two drum sets, and by the end of the show everyone has banged on them at least once. What I like about seeing HEALTH live is that they are one of the noisiest bands on the block, yet they tear through their songs like they are Bruce Springsteen & the E Street band. It's like, these are our songs deal with it. And there isn't even a question of getting on the bus to dig it because the it's coming no matter what and there's nothing you can do to stop it. It's quite awesome.
Double Dagger is from Baltimore, and their songs are about graphic design. It would be easy to say that they sound like Les Savy Fav, but Double Dagger do it all with bass, drums, and vocals. And to add to boot, two of the members of the band have contributed content to the Baltimore City Paper. Within, the first ten seconds of their set beer was already flying through the air. In discussing the band's latest album, More, the City Paper said that Double Dagger has anthems that could stop a tank. Yeah, that's a pretty apt description of tonight's events. 

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