22 September 2009

Quick Hits

I was on the internets reading about various things, and discovered two pieces of news that absolutely had to be reported on here. First, supposed gangster rapper and definite former police officer, Rick Ross, was robbed by three groupies over the weekend. Apparently, there were these three girls got backstage and shit at a Rawse concert or something like that, and then they were invited back to the hotel to hang out with Rick Ross and crew. Later on, they snuck into Ross' room and took his laptop as well as some jewelry. One can only imagine what kind of fun stuff is on that laptop. And as for the jewelry, wonder which pieces the girls snatched. Perhaps the necklace pictured below?

The other news nugget for today involves Jay-Z. He's over in London right now, doing shows with Coldplay. Those dates may be over by now, I'm not sure. Anyway, Jay was doing an interview with the BBC, and the reporter asked him about Kanye-gate. (Writer's Note; Kanye-gate is now the official phrase to be used when referring to the Kanye/Taylor Swift/VMA situation.) And, the journo said something to the effect that Kanye picks his victims, and that he wouldn't have pulled that stunt if it had been somebody else up on stage winning an award. And, Jay-Z replied,

Jay-Z, the most awesome rapper on the planet, apparently doesn't think so highly of 50 Cent, the lamest and most boring rapper on the planet. 

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