14 September 2009

Two things. First off, I really must apologize for that VMA liveblogging debacle. I was quite drunk from watching football all afternoon, and for whatever reason I decided I wanted to watch the VMAs and talk about it. The show was kind of boring except for the Kanye drama, so I feel like I wasted everyone's time by writing about it. To think, I could have utilized that time and wrote something really good. But enough about that. On to bigger and better things. How about some brand new music?
The other two person grunge blues band, The Black Keys, have started up a brand new record label and they're going to be dropping hip hop on it. Blakroc is the name of this brand new collaboration between The Black Keys and rapper Jim Jones. The album drops on November 27, and will feature appearances by RZA, Raekwon, Q-Tip, Pharoahe Monch, Mos Def, and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. The first song off the LP hit the internets today, and it's called "Ain't Nothing Like You". It's got Mos Def on the hook, and Jim Jones appears on the
 track as well. This is actually some fairly exciting shit. This record sounds like something the Black Keys would do. Even more amazing, is the fact that Jim Jones doesn't totally fuck everything up. If we're being honest, then I have to admit that J
im Jones is one of my least favorite rappers. I've never gotten into anything that he has ever done, except for that one mixtape song where he sampled the theme from Beverly Hills Cop. But he sounds good here, like he is just straight chilling with two bros from Akron, Ohio. 
Nah Right has the song available for download, and Pitchfork has it streaming along with a little write up as to what the score is for this project.
Oh, and here's the album artwork.

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