20 September 2009

Video Reviews

Sunset Rubdown: "Black Swan"
Thoughts: This video is kind of trippy. There are these crazy ink blotter inspired designs that flash and spin intermittently. There's a weird naked woman who has no face. There are bros in skeleton costumes doing coordinated steps with knives. In the middle of the video, there's this very ominous looking crystal thing that is spinning out of control and the way that it is used it seems to suggest that it is supposed to represent some parallel dimension where the world itself is spinning out of control. There are also some really creepy eyes that open and close, but they don't appear until towards the end of the video. Some neon hands begin extending themselves out, but given everything else that has already happened it's not that weird. Oh, and the song is really cool

Vivian Girls: "When I'm Gone"
Thoughts: There is a understated simplicity to this video. Very no-frills. Hell, at some points it seems like even lighting isn't necessary. The song isn't too shabby, either. I like how they didn't try to make a "serious" second album. They didn't tinker with the formula too much, and it works. Also, I'm partial to videos that feature women playing instruments. 

Jay Reatard: "It Ain't Gonna Save Me"
Thoughts: I have a hard time deciding whether Jay Reatard is super twisted all by himself, or if all people from Memphis are just strange and askew. I mean, it is where Elvis is from. This is a fun video. The bro in the wolf mask and flannel shirt was a nice touch. The clown, not so much. This video looks like it was made for MTV, which is strange because Jay seems like the last guy who would cater to the MTV crowd and also because MTV doesn't even play videos anymore.

Fuck Buttons: "Surf Solar"
Thoughts: It's well-documented that people spend loads of time online, looking at random shit and watching inane videos. Perhaps, they would be better served if they were watching shit like this or something similar to this. For all the reasons that this video is cool, an argument could be made that it is also very strange at the same time. And if you don't like the song, it's alright because the video has penguins in it. 

Pink Mountaintops: "Execution"
Thoughts: Innovative concept. Hire a bunch of interesting looking women to be in a video, and have them pretend to play instruments. It's women and instruments, so it's a smashing success. The song is really good as well

The Walkmen: "On the Water"
Thoughts: I feel like there are two kinds of people in this world. Those that love The Walkmen, and those who don't give two shits about The Walkmen. 
This video commands your attention, and once you stop doing everything else you are able to realize that this is a pretty good song. The video is just so captivating and intriguing. The colors that were used, and the art, and the animation. It's all dynamite. It may even be better than the "Single Ladies" video. 

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