06 September 2009

Well, the Blueprint 3 may have been an enormous disappointment, but on to bigger and better things. Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt II hits stores on Tuesday, September 8, and it is going to be awesome. No doubt about it, Raekwon and his super hero rap are going to save hip hop from the boring ass year it has been having. Below, is the video for one of the songs of the album. The song is called "House of Flying Daggers", and it was produced by the late Dilla so you know its official. (Writer's Note: I have to give a head's up. This video is somewhat violent in a cartoon kung fu kind of way, and there are parts where blood is flying all over the place. Just felt like it was my duty to point that out before encouraging cats to check it out.)

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