27 October 2009

Dum Dum Girls is a band. There's one girl, who goes by Dee Dee, and technically she's the whole band, but there are other cats who play the instruments and what not. For instance, when I saw Dum Dum Girls in Brooklyn over the summer while at Woodsist/Captured Tracks, the band was made up of members from the Crystal Stilts, Blank Dogs, and Crocodiles. That wasn't a completely random group because I think the member of the Crystal Stilts that is being referenced is Frankie Rose, who used to be in the Vivian Girls and is also responsible for "Where Do You Run To", which for a few months there back in the spring, was my most favorite song. And, apparently, Dee Dee is actually Kristen Gundred who is in Grand Ole Party, and she's also married to one of the guys in Crocodiles, which would explain why a member of Crocodiles was a part of the set. And, Mike Sniper is the man behind Blank Dogs, and he also runs Captured Tracks, and he does lot of other rad stuff, so it would make sense for him to throw down with a fresh band on a Saturday in July.
That July 4 show in Brooklyn, was apparently the live debut of Dum Dum Girls. Being there, I had no idea that this was the case. I dug this.

Sub Pop Records signed Dee Dee/the group over the summer, and a full-length is supposed to drop some time in 2010. Already out in circulation, there's an EP on Captured Tracks, a 7-inch on Hozac, and a CD EP on Zoo Music. The cover for the Captured Tracks EP is featured at the top of the page. 
There are only four tracks on the Captured Tracks EP, and they all rule. "Catholicked" should played loud all the time. "Hey Sis" has that hallway vocal feel to it, where it sounds like the singing is being done in a room down the hall as opposed to being done with the band in the same room, but regardless it sounds cool. That might be tricky ground because if it sounds cool then there could be a backlash. While I'm not certain, it could still happen. Dum Dum Girls might be the kind of band that is going to get hated on by the sensitive internet types. It happened to Wavves, and every time it happens it's just because the band is making the right sound but because it's so great, certain pockets of the internets panic and immediately dismiss the band for some bullshit reason. It's like they want it all for themselves, which is kind of ridiculous. That would pretty much make music blogs useless, and if that became the case then I would have to find a new hobby. Perhaps, reviewing books?
"Put a Sock in It", in addition to being exactly the same length as "Hey Sis", is a choice cut to have on the back-burner. The guitar almost sounds limited to one tiny space, but regardless of that it churns out sound that is simultaneously fuzzy and sharp. Actually, instead of "sharp" let's go with "tight". It's a tight song. "Yours Alone" is strangely endearing in a good way. 
Despite being months behind on this reporting, this still could qualify as relevant. CMJ was last week, and the internets covered it, and Dum Dum Girls played and blew lots of minds. This writer caught them over the summer and drank the kool-aid then, but either way, this is music that should be listened to. 

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