12 October 2009

I started watching this video for no particular reason. I saw it advertised, and I clicked on it. I noticed that there was potentially a woman wearing a fake mustache so I was intrigued to say the least. I'm not familiar with this band in any capacity. I recognize the name, but I don't think that counts for much. I think the band is from Glasgow, which I believe is in Scotland. I don't know much about this particular area, but I do know that it is also the home of The Vaselines, a band that Kurt Cobain allegedly loved and a band that I really, really love. The Jesus and Mary Chain are from Glasgow as well. Belle & Sebastian hail from this area as well. There's also this band called Eugenius, who were formed by the guy in The Vaselines after they broke up and they hung around for a few years in the early '90s and they, too, are from Glasgow. They also went by the moniker Captain America, but that was only for a minute. (Writer's Note: This band is pretty rad, and if you have a minute you should check them out.) 
The name of this band in Camera Obscura, and the song is called "The Sweetest Thing". After watching this video, my only question is "Why don't I get invited to rock and roll costume parties like this?" The mustached lady is actually supposed to be Paul Simon, and then there's someone dressed like Art Garfunkel and there's someone else dressed like David Bowie and there are even people dressed like members of Fleetwood Mac. 
I wouldn't necessarily put this song on at a party, but then again I tend to play really awful music at parties. This song is very pleasant on the ears, and I feel like if I heard it on a more regular basis then I would be much more cheery when hanging out and interacting with people. This song also makes me curious of what the rest of the album sounds like. 

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