28 October 2009

Rangers is a band from San Francisco by way of Dallas.  
And, it's not like of these Rangers.

or one of these kinds of Rangers.

Actually, it's just one guy who goes by the name Joe Knight. He has an album coming out in the future called Suburban Tours, which will be released by Olde English Spelling Bee. The song below is called "Deerfield Village", and it's pretty rad. For lack of a better descriptor, this is chillwave but it has an extra dose of chill to it. 


Is "chillwave", a term that is being used too much? I see it on the internets, and then for whatever reason assume that it can be used by anyone. Maybe Rangers isn't chillwave, although I'm fairly certain it is. According to my research, I think Wavves might be also be "chillwave", but not in the same way. His is chill because he seems like a chill bro, as opposed to making music for chill bros. I think that's how it works, but I'm never sure. Video for "No Hope Kids" below.

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