29 October 2009

Two of my more favorite bands both have new videos on the internets. Once, I was so fortunate that I saw both of these groups perform at the same time.
This video for Deerhunter's "Famous Last Words" is a fan-made video, and it's kind of artsy but it's also pretty rad.

FAMOUS LAST WORDS - DEERHUNTER from Cove Entertainment on Vimeo.

The other video comes from No Age, a band that I have really taken a shining to in the last few months. The name of the song is "Losing Feeling", which is off the EP of the same name. There's a mouse in this video. Observant eyes will also notice a glimpse of the brand new No Age skate shoes, which are 100% vegan which makes them 100% more awesome than they already were.

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