28 October 2009

Zola Jesus is actually Nika Roza Danilova, a 20 year old from Wisconsin who makes music that the internets categorize as "lo-fi goth." A music video was posted on P4K today, and was then viewed by this writer for whatever reason. At first, it almost seemed like it was something that was striving to duplicate the Bat for Lashes aesthetic, but upon viewing and listening that's not the case. It's a little darker, and the video is pretty strange. It has a funeral parlor vibe to it, and a strip of lace is featured prominently in the video. If anything, it can set the mood for Halloween this weekend. Additionally, this isn't just some ambient, bedroom project. It's much more interesting. This is not a voice that can be ignored. Wonder if this is the type of act that played a ton of showcases at CMJ last week, and is now about to 'blow up' via the internets.

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