18 November 2009

It's A Hectic World

This should be a quality post because nothing has been posted in a few days, but early indicators suggest that this will be sub-par. A few things though.
The Dudes Who Used to be in Jay Reatard's band have joined Wavves
A few weeks back the bassist and drummer for Jay Reatard's band quit, and it was slightly shocking at least in the sense that Gary and I had seen Jay with said band only a week earlier and things seemed to be going along swimmingly. Anyway, they left and then Jay tweeted that he didn't give a shit. There was no report about it on this site because if Jay said he didn't give a shit then this writer doesn't give a shit either. However, the internets is reporting today that Stephen Pope and Billy Hayes have joined forces with Nathan Williams p.k.a. Wavves, and there's even a video to prove it. It's at least mildly interesting that Wavves went from being one bro's bedroom project into a duo with an incredible drummer to a full-fledged band. This also mildly amusing because there's this 20 minute documentary about Jay, and they interview the bass player and he starts talking about how he doesn't really know how to play the bass and he has to put tape on the neck of his guitar to indicate the notes. It leaves the viewer with the general impression that this dude wouldn't be playing bass in any capacity if it weren't for Jay Reatard, and now he's a part of Wavves. It remains to be seen how this will pan out, but now at least you know about it. 

For the record, Wavves sounded better when this writer saw him live and it was only a duo, but it's entirely possible that the whole set was quite good and this is just one of those flip cam things where the music isn't necessarily captured in the moment per se, but rather whoever was filming got to a point where they said to themself, "Shit, man. I should record this before I forget via getting crazy drunk. Then, I can watch it later on and reflect on how I thought the show was amazing via them playing all my favorite songs. After that, I'll upload it onto a popular video sharing website and others will see it." (The guy who recorded this might be really chill, but speculating is always fun.)

The Velvet Underground Are Kind of Getting Back Together for a Sit-Down
John Cale isn't a part of this, but Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker, and Doug Yule are going to meet up with David Fricke and talk about this new coffee table book that is coming out and that coincidentally is about the band. David Fricke writes for Rolling Stone, and he's been around forever and as a result he's developed a pretty decent ear for music. As an enormous VU fan, he probably wouldn't be my first choice for this kind of thing but then again I'm not in a position to be making decisions like this. Either way, it's cool. The Velvet Underground is pretty much the best band ever. If I ever had to make a list of my top 2o favorite songs of all time, VU would occupy at least 12 spots. Seriously.

New Atlas Sound Video
This isn't an official video or anything like that, but no one is complaining and 4AD, the record label that released the album, has given the go-ahead so, here it is. The song is called "Quick Canal" off of Bradford Cox's latest record Logos, and it features Laetitia Sadier from Stereolab. Spotted over at Gorilla Vs Bear. The name of the director is Fitz Vladich, and one has to wonder whether he is an Atlas Sound fan or a Stereolab fan. Similar to how "Walkabout" kind of sounds like a Panda Bear song even though it's on the Atlas Sound album, "Quick Canal" kind of sounds like Stereolab. At least that's what the internets says because this writer has never heard Stereolab before. The video isn't bad, and the song is quite good. It's almost nine minutes long, but it feels like four. On the album, at least. The video definitely seems to take almost ten minutes, but that probably has more to do with the fact that Bradford isn't in the video and it's just seemingly archived footage of domesticity. Highlights include the part where they're making breakfast food.

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