13 November 2009


Last night, a crowd gathered in St. Louis to catch a show at Off-Broadway only to discover that the headlining act was never going to arrive. Arish Khan and Mark Sultan, better known as the King Khan & BBQ Show, along with their tour manager were arrested somewhere between Nashville and St. Louis, according to sources. 

The band had missed their soundcheck earlier in the day, and no one had contact with them in the hours leading up to the show. Drug possession is rumored to be the charge, but this has yet to be confirmed. Below is a picture of the group during happier times.

King Khan and BBQ were scheduled to play in Lawrence, KS tonight, but it has since been reported that they would not be performing tonight either. However, the show is still being head. Opening act Those Darlins is still going to play, and they intend on kicking ass. "we're still planning on playin' the craziest fuckin' show in hopes of lifting any KKBBQ fans spirits and keepin' this badass tour on the move. We are so proud to be playing with this band and just want to keep the tour rollin'," Jessi Darlin said earlier today somewhere, but later on quoted as saying it over at BrooklynVegan. 

For obvious reasons, this news sucks. While never having witnessed King Khan & BBQ live, this writer firmly believes that they put on a magnificent show. Seeing King Khan & the Shrines last summer in Chicago was quite the experience as it completely changed the standards for what live shows should be while also being one of the raddest shows ever. Hopefully everything works out. King Khan & BBQ just released an album last week, entitled Invisible Girl and available wherever it is you buy your records. 

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