06 November 2009

Regrettably, I hadn't heard anything off of Jarvis Cocker's last album, Further Complications, until today. A video has been made for the title track, and it is featured below. It's three and a half minutes of Jarvis dancing around, and Jarvis getting folded up and put in tight places, and basically, it's Jarvis being Jarvis. It kind of reminds me of seeing Jarvis live, when he was owning the whole stage with his general awesomeness. It is becoming apparent that I must hear this more of this album. 

And if one video is going up, then may as well post another. And if it's going to be just one more video, then it should probably be a Grizzly Bear video. And while they do have a song on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack, which is actually pretty ok since Thom Yorke is on it as well; this band is still a personal favorite. With that being said, the video featured below is interesting. It was done by artist, Allison Schulnik, and it is quite the visual. It's in the woods, and there are these blob things and it goes from there. Some might say it's strange, actually most probably would, but I don't think it's too weird and I think it's definitely worth watching at least once. 

(Videos via P4K)

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