15 December 2009

Before the week ends, there will be a list for the best albums of the year. Everything isn't set in place yet. I was thinking about it at work today, and at first I had ten albums to write about and then I had twelve and then I got up to twenty but then I scaled back to sixteen and then for a minute I thought that twenty five would be a good number. Nonetheless, it should be a decent list. Anyway, there are still records that didn't make it. These are the honorable mentions:

Fuck Buttons: Tarot Sport
I haven't listened to this, yet. Gary bought it, but I haven't heard it. However, based on the band's previous body of work it seems like a safe bet to assume that the album is spectacular. I can't be putting records on the list that I haven't listened to, but I do want to cover all my bases. 

Ganglians: Monster Head Room
I just got this yesterday. While I am throughly enjoying the record it still has that new album feel to it, and as a result I'm not sure I could review it honestly. 

Baroness: Blue Record
If I was really cool then this would be on the list. Again, technically I haven't heard this album. I've heard one track, but that one track was really awesome and I'm inclined to believe that the rest of the album is rad. With cover art like that, there has to be something going on.

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