05 December 2009

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J Mascis and The Fog-More Light
I unearthed this out of a pile of data discs that litter my desk. This is another post-Dino project for J, and if the internets are to be trusted then J, himself, recorded and arranged 99% of this record. Apparently, he turned part of his home into a recording studio and then went to work. There are actually several very cool components about this in addition to the way it was all formed. For instance, when J Mascis and the Fog went on tour, Mike Watt from the Minutemen played bass for the group. And sometimes, Rob Asheton from The Stooges would play with the band as well and they would cover Stooges tracks, and one time Scott Asheton and Rob Asheton both played with J and Mike Watt, and that one show pretty much put the wheels in motion for The Stooges reunion. However, there may be something radder. The group also recorded a session for John Peel, and the first track is a medley of three songs and one of those songs is "Range Life" by Pavement. So, somewhere out there is a recording of J Mascis singing a Pavement song. Holy smokes.

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