12 December 2009

New video from Times New Viking. The song is called "Born Again Revisited", and is off the album of the same name. For lack of a better phrase, I like this video. Without sounding like an ass, I find it to be very effective. When watching it, I'm instantly reminded of the show from a month ago. It's somewhat of a seamless transition. The songs sound good when they come from my radio, and they sound great when played live. This video fuses these two concepts. 

Bonus Video for the Weekend

This video is dedicated to Gary because he was the one who told me about it. Earlier today, I had an idea to get on here and dedicate a song to him but the song that I had in mind had the potential to start some unsavory rumors. The song I had in mind doesn't really have anything to do with the above video. The video itself is really rad with it's aging surfer protagonist. Oh, and the song is pretty cool as well.

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