28 December 2009

(photo via the internets)

honorable mention: Witch/Earthless @ Ottobar 2/28/09
I wish I could go to a show like this every night. 

One time, I watched a documentary about Jay, and in it he said that he never wants to hear people clapping at the end of his songs. I didn't clap at all at this show, but I had a really good fucking time.

By far, the most head nodding intensive show I went to this year.

7. Gang Gang Dance @ Ottobar 8/5/09
I went to this show on a whim, and really really dug what I saw/heard.

6. HEALTH @ Sonar 9/27/09
To be fair, Pictureplane was real rad as the opening act and Double Dagger played a sick closing set, so the whole show was dope, but for the sake of this list just leave it at the fact that HEALTH was awesome. 

5. Dinosaur Jr @ Ottobar 5/2/09
This show ruled.

4. Wavves @ Ottobar 9/30/09
This was the show where I discovered that the dude in Wavves is just a bro. In terms of fun at a show, this one is way up there. The haters can keep hating, and the year end lists can keep shutting it out, but Nathan Williams p.k.a. Wavves was one of the cooler musical things about 2009. He's a bro who wears flannel and watches Seinfeld reruns, and he happens to have a band thing as well, and it all kind of works.

3. Woodsist/Captured Tracks Festival 7/4/09
Not to slight the first day or anything like that, but the second day of this showcase was somewhat unbelievable. Woods, Kurt Vile, Thee Oh Sees, and Dum Dum Girls are the first standouts that jump to mind. Further reflection calls forth Real Estate and Ganglians. Not to mention the Fresh & Onlys and The Beets. A weekend that consists of drinking beer out of a paper bag while chain smoking in a deserted lot, with bands and fireworks going off in every direction passes for a good time. 

2. Deerhunter/Dan Deacon/No Age @ Sonar 7/31/09
Far and away, this was the most fun. Three bands playing at the same time in one room. Gary and I had reservations about this one, but once the set started they were forgotten. 

1. Pixies @ DAR Constitution Hall 11/30/09
There is a small part of me that feels like it saw the Beatles on that November night. At the time, it certainly seemed so. They played Doolittle in it's entirety. There were two encores. Kim Deal was smiling. Kind of a big deal.

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