05 January 2010

First Video of '10

This video worked on a few different levels. It renewed my interest in Islands, whose 2006 record Return to the Sea is one of my all-time favorites. I still remember the first time I heard it. I was with Gary at his folks' house, to be more accurate we were in the shed. Gary said he was going to get a weird album out of his brother's room, and he brought Islands out with him. After about two minutes all I could say was, "This isn't that bad, but it's damn good."
Oddly enough, I didn't like the second album nearly as much despite the ambitious cover art.

This video is for a song called "No You Don't" which is off Vapours which came out back in September. The song itself reminds me of the vibe on Return to the Sea, and without thinking too much that leads me to believe that the whole album might be pretty rad. 

I was also unsure whether I wanted to see the new Michael Cera movie, but after seeing him act in this video I think I could definitely get talked into seeing it. 

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