18 January 2010

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this already, but the record store in my town is going out of business. The place had started to go downhill years ago, but now they are being forced to vacate the premises. The selection there was pretty shitty and not very relevant, and the prices were always going up. Anyway, I went there today to see if it was still standing. 
The rock albums used to occupy three-fourths of the store, but now it only spans one row. Hip hop, blues, jazz, and reggae all used to have their own section, but now there are no records in any of those genres. Almost everything is gone. Almost.
Bargain bin albums occupy most of the shelf space right now, and as a result they are mostly ignored. Scanning through these racks one finds albums by random boy bands as well as latin dance CDs and the occasional country western collection. Despite the prospects, I mined through the shit and I ended up going home with two new albums. 
Getting new records is always cool, but it's how I got these that have me feeling so satisfied. I bought albums by Eugenius and the Folk Implosion, and the only reason that I know about either band is because Esther told me about them. (Writer's Note: Thanks Esther!)
Folk Implosion is a Lou Barlow side project, and predictably it is quite awesome. Eugenius is a band that used to be called Captain America, and it has the one guy from The Vaselines in it. Both records are pretty rad, so much so that I felt compelled to mention them. 

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