05 January 2010

I'm slightly frustrated by this, so I guess I'll talk about it. This morning, I got the craving for a new album but I lacked the initiative to get in the car and drive to the store. Out of convenience, I wandered over to the iTunes store. I was clicking through potential discs like a drunk person goes through cigarettes. It even got to a point, where I was going to start a new series on here called "I spent an hour and a half agonizing on iTunes, and this is what I bought". I finally settled on Donuts by the late J Dilla, after debating the merits of Fever Ray, Kurt Vile, and Bill Callahan.
Things were going swimmingly. I confirmed the purchase, and the songs started downloading. All of the sudden they stopped, and an error message appeared. It said that the connection dropped, and that I needed to try again. I attempted to resume the download several times. I watched several episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia while I continued to click on the download button. Every time it was the same thing. It would start to work for a second, and then it would stop.
I began to ask myself, "Why?". It wasn't some sort of philosophical inquiry or anything like that. I merely wanted to now why my album wouldn't download. I started thinking about it, and I came up with two possible explanations. The first one I came up with is that the album not downloading is some sort of weird, karma payback for times in the past when I haven't exactly paid for my music. Not to say that I do this often, but in the past there have been moments of indiscretion. With that being said, I still kind of doubt that the internet would do that to a loyal user. 
The other interpretation that I came up with is a bit more of a stretch. Yesterday, I saw the new Jay-Z video and then I ended up reading this article about how the imagery that Jay-Z uses in his videos is all in effort to promote the Illuminati message. The Illuminati is the idea that behind the scenes of everything there is this elite group who control it all. They select whose voices are heard, and shit like that. Part of this theory involves the notion that the Illuminati decides who our musicians are, and after they are chosen these performers must dedicate their art to promoting the message of the new world order. I got all of this out of the same article, and then I read further down and learned that apparently Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Kanye, and Rihanna are all members of the Illuminati. Today, I started thinking that perhaps the Illuminati found out that I had been reading about them and are now preventing me from buying this Dilla record. I was also talking about them at the bar last night. Maybe, they heard? Dilla probably wasn't Illumi approved anyway. If I tried to buy the new Rihanna, I bet the download would have gone through. 
By the way, this isn't what No Gift for the Gab is going to look like in 2010. The posts won't all be like this one, where this is just me rambling. There will be substance. There will also be art by Gary. It will be very meaningful. 

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