18 January 2010

Music Video Reviews

Rainbow Bridge: "Big Wave Rider"
I enjoyed the other surfing video more, but I find myself mildly hypnotized by the images in this one. This doesn't even really sound like surfing music. It's pretty chill, but it's so chill that it almost sounds like after surfing music. I also like how a lot of the people in this video don't look necessarily 'cool', but still appear to be quite happy.

Toro Y Moi: "Blessa"
How come I'm never at parties like this? Truth be told, it's entirely possible that I have been to similar shindigs but because of excessive good times I don't quite remember. The one part where the dude seems to be moving in slow motion while drinking from the large pitcher of beer? Yeah, I've been in those shoes before.

tUnE yArDs: "Real Live Flesh"
I've read about this band on the internets before. I think they opened for the Dirty Projectors on a tour or something. Or maybe, they just played somewhere where a bunch of people were and those people then went home and logged on and started talking about them on the hype machine. Either seems plausible. I really dug the flow of this video. If MTV still played videos, then I would wish that they would play this one. They don't play videos anymore, so I'm going to wish for more rainbows instead.

Vampire Weekend: "Cousins"
The new Vampire Weekend album came out last week. I didn't buy it, but I'm sure others did. Halfway through watching this video, I realized that I had seen it before. I saw it the other night on MTV because while they don't play videos during normal business hours, they play them at 3 in the morning before the sun comes out. I'm hesitant to place too much stock on this song and video since I'm afraid it might cloud my judgment regarding the record. I hear it's kind of good, though.

The Drums: "I Felt Stupid"
I read on the internets that this is the band to watch out for in 2010. They pretty much sound like the Cure except it's not all gloom and doom. With that being said, if you don't want a song stuck in your head then don't watch this video because the chorus to this song will absolutely move in there for days. Also, I probably won't be looking out for this band in '10. It might be me, but there is something about this song that doesn't connect. 

Dan Deacon: "Woof Woof"
In this eleven minute video for the Bromst standout, Dan Deacon plays a cat who is adopted by a guy who lives with two puppets. Somehow, the cat manages to tie all three characters up. Then more people come over, and the cat ties them up too. However, it's one of the puppets' birthday and the puppet in question used to be in a band and with his birthday wish he asks for the band to come back, and they come just in time, but then the cat gets growing powder and becomes bigger than the planets. Then the guy absorbs the puppets, and becomes as big as the cat. This is was just a brief overview, but all of these things actually happen in the video.
(all videos via P4K)

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