11 January 2010

Writer's Retraction

A few month's back, I attempted to review D.C. rapper Wale's debut album Attention Deficit. For reasons that I'm not quite clear on, I panned the song "Pretty Girls" and questioned why Gucci Mane was involved with the album. Without checking, I'm fairly certain that there have been other instances when I have expressed disdain for Radric Davis, publicly known as Gucci Mane. With that in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly change my stance on Gucci. 
2010 may only be eleven days old, but personally it's been going quite well so far. And after racking my brain, it has become clear that the year has been going so swimmingly because of Gucci. I have accepted it into my life, and so far I'm really enjoying it. It's kind of dumb or whatever, but it's fun to listen to. There's a lot of mumbling going on, but there are jokes underneath. There's part of me that believes that even Gucci doesn't know what his best lines are, but that's beside the point. All my life, I have listened to hip hop in hopes of one day finding an artist who oozed with swagger but maintained an everyman like quality in his work to which I could relate. And, I may have found it. Because of various prison stints, Gucci was only a free man for about 70% of 2009 but he cranked out records like he was Ryan Adams.
It pretty much started on New Year's Day. I woke up, and it was in my head. The minimalist piano that sounded like it was made of icicles plays for a few seconds, and then it hits. "GUCCI!" The opening bars of "Lemonade" remained in my head all through the night, and eventually I tracked it down on the internets and downloaded it, thinking that if I heard it one more time then I could be done with it. It didn't work. Now, the chorus was stuck in my head. The children singing about the iced out lemons had me captivated. In fact, I wanted to hear more about Gucci's jewelry collection. I've been hearing about Lil' Wayne's desire to eat rappers and then crap them out for quite some time, so in a way I was kind of ready for something new. 
There's something about Gucci's voice. That delivery. Has to be. How else to explain the Salem remix tracks? It's just so low yet steady, and he's not trying to change his delivery or mess with word pronunciations like Wayne. So consistent, similar to a mailman. 
Things are kind of reaching a tipping point today with the release of Diplo's newest mixtape, entitled Free Gucci (Best of the Cold War Mixtapes). On Halloween, Gucci released three different mixtapes at the same time. They were called Guccimerica, Brrrrussia, and Great Brrrritain. It's all because Gucci has so much ice that it makes you shiver, or something like that. 
Anyway, the Diplo tape dropped this morning and it's definitely worth mentioning. In addition to work by Diplo, it also has remixes by Memory Tapes, Flying Lotus, Zomby, and tons others. The whole thing is courtesy of Mad Decent.

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