08 February 2010

Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks" was used in a Super Bowl ad

The commercials run during the Super Bowl are big business in more than one way. It works in a literal sense since airtime during the game costs loads of money. They're also big in the sense that everyone sees them so the next day there is chatter. Volkswagen debuted a new commercial last night, and it just so happened to be accompanied by the music of Grizzly Bear. The beginning of "Two Weeks" played throughout the ad which featured appearances by Stevie Wonder and Tracy Morgan. This isn't the first time Volkswagen has utilized awesome music to hawk vehicles. A few years back, they used choice cuts off of Wilco's Sky Blue Sky in several different TV spots.

There was also an ad for the NFL which used the Arcade Fire's "Wake Up". This was pretty rad because all proceeds generated from the commercial will go straight to Haiti relief.
I don't generally get too caught up in the ads during the game, but I liked the Dr. Pepper ad with KISS and mini-KISS as well as the Bud Light Auto-Tune ad. There was also that one car company one that had Yo Gabba Gabba in it with music by The Heavy. That one was cool.
In other news, today is No Gift for the Gab's first birthday. This website has been in existence for exactly one year, and while it has gotten strange from time to time it still hasn't gotten too weird yet, which is probably a good thing. When I get home from work, there will be more reflections on the matter.


  1. Happy B-day NGFTG! Please get weirder.

  2. i'll see what i can do. also, thanks for the scoop on quasi. i had read about them before, but i always waiting for someone to definitively say that they worth checking out.