08 February 2010

One Year In

Nostalgia isn't normally my speciality, but for this occasion it seems necessary. On February 8th 2009, I was riding in a car headed toward Maryland after spending a night at a college in Virginia. The party was no bueno, and I ended up sleeping on a floor somewhere so needless to say I was psyched to be heading back home. I was kind of dazed and basically incapable of engaging in actual conversation, but within in my head came a great notion. I had just realized that the Grammys were going to be held in the evening, and I determined that I should live-blog them, and that's how I started this site. It's laughable now, but back then my initial goal was to become a premier celebrity gossip stop on the internets. For awhile there, I was providing in-depth recaps of American Idol episodes, and somewhere in the archives, there's a post in which I broke down an episode of "The View" that featured those two ass-hats from "The Hills" and then I go further by analyzing those deplorable whores' political views and offering my own opinions on that as well. They were sad times, and to make matters worse, back then I wasn't capitalizing or using proper punctuation. The grammar on this blog has and always will be kind of suspect, but a year ago it was much worse. Before, I go any further there are two things I want to say. First off, this is kind of a novelty post in the sense that I am going be using "I" a whole lot and be offering my candid and uncensored opinions. I don't look at No Gift for the Gab as a completely serious endeavor, but at the same time I think it's important to demonstrate some focus when it comes to this sort of thing. Secondly, I would like to thank Gary, John, and Esther for reading. These are the only three people I know of who look at this site in any capacity, and for that I am eternally grateful. If there is anyone else who reads this shit, then I thank you and apologize for not giving you a shout-out.
By far, the best part about maintaining No Gift for the Gab are the self-justified 'blog purchases'. These are things that I believe will make the site better. If that means scouring the Amazon Marketplace for enthralling albums to write about, then so be it. If it requires driving downtown to see a show that might be 'bloggable', I'm there. (most of the time). I hope that this will continue to happen in the future, but I have to be honest, my new job is not paying the bills like the last two did so anything could happen, for better or for worse. There are other things that I really like about running this site, but for the sake of time it's on to the next.
My show attendance in 2009 skyrocketed to biblical proportions and dwarfed previous years especially 2008, mainly because the only shows I went to in 2008 were Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks at the 9:30 club and the Pitchfork Music Festival. Gang Gang Dance, Wavves, and HEALTH are at least three shows that I can recall going to strictly so that I could write about them later that night. Before I sound like some daring traveler, I would like to point out that Baltimore is only thirty miles from where I live. With that being said, I live in a culture-less cesspool full of douche bags with rapist potential so the fact that I go to these shows solo should come as no surprise. I like reporting on what I see and hear because I think it's something worth sharing, but I have noticed that as a result I have developed a nasty habit of making mental notes while the show is going on which makes me an awful partner for a conversation. (Writer's Note: Unless, it's a lady. I will always take the time to talk to women.)
The more I think about this blog, the less I want to say. I feel like the proof is in the pudding. At the moment, the only thing that really stands out is that one time an excerpt of a post made it on to Brooklyn Vegan. That was pretty fucking rad. It was also quite fortunate for me because that was more or less the first time I ever wrote anything on here that was completely coherent and readable. I pretty much stopped all that other shit after that happened, although I did like writing those short stories.
This hadn't occurred to me when I started writing this, but I guess now I need to outline my plans for the future and where I'm going to take No Gift for the Gab in 2010. Without dwelling on it for too long, I would imagine it will be more of the same. I'm going to continue to tackle albums, in the hope that one day I write a real review. I realize that so far all the record reviews have been light and frothy, but eventually they will be potent and thought-provoking, I swear. Looking around my room, there is a stack of records on my desk that are all relatively fresh which means they all should have reviews written about them. Potentials include: the new Beach House, both White Denim albums, the Ghana Special compilation, the first Les Savy Fav disc, Japandroids, Crystal Castles, Bobby Conn, The Knife, LCD Soundsystem, the King Khan & BBQ Show, Deerhunter's Cryptograms, and Royal Trux. I've gotten these in the last month, but chances are only half of them will get shine on here. Also, I'll probably be talking about Pavement more and more since more and more tour dates keep getting added to the itinerary and every time it happens I become very delighted.

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