18 March 2010

I bought this on Amazon for less than a pack of cigarettes

The Soft Pack: The Soft Pack (Kemado 2010)
(Writer's Note: Technically this album was purchased at the Sound Garden in Baltimore, but it was still less than a pack of smokes so there you go.)
If I'm understanding this correctly, this band used to be called the Muslims but changed their name because of the "ignorant, racist bullshit that came out of people's mouths during shows/interviews/conversations." (via) However, the new moniker angered even more people because they thought that the band was now 'selling out'. Cats on the internets were going as far to say that they dug the Muslims EP, but did not dig anything by the Soft Pack. Further drawing the ire of the ever fickle internet commenter were opening gigs with the Vivian Girls, the Breeders, and Franz Ferdinand. That, and the fact that these guys kind of sound like the Strokes if they were from San Diego instead of New York.
Haters be damned, on January 30th the Soft Pack played ten shows in one day in various parts of the greater Los Angeles area and they did the whole thing traveling on a bus fueled by vegetable oil. As this is being written, they are doing a slew of shows in Austin. The score at this point includes a manageable amount of detractors on the internets, and playing lots of shows.
As far as the actual record is concerned, it's short. Ten songs in about thirty minutes, which goes by crazy fast if you're drinking while listening. What I've noticed since owning this album is that while I don't necessarily have moments where I say to myself, "I am really craving some Soft Pack right about now," I quite enjoy it when it accidentally starts playing. I feel like if I listened to it too much, then a rant would follow about how the band is post-something and post-post-something else. Check it out, but only if you want to.

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