03 March 2010

This Pavement reunion might be a big deal after all...

It's always been a big deal to me, but today it seemed to reach a new level. On Hipster Runoff today, Carles wrote a post about Pavement. In the past, he's mentioned them but nothing as direct as today's post. A slacker's assessment of the piece would condense the whole argument down to the question of whether or not something that was 'alt' in the 1990s is still 'alt' in 2010. There was a lot of talk about not 'getting' it, and Carles kept asking if anyone knew what Pavement sounded like. In a horribly twisted way, I almost feel like Carles was directly addressing me and I mean that in more ways than one.
There's part of me that thinks Carles was calling out all bloggers for raving about Pavement endlessly, but never providing evidence to support these claims. I totally do it, and there are probably others who do it as well. There's also another line of thinking that makes me suspect that somehow I was supposed to 'see' that post, and I realize that it is going to sound very far-fetched and it's going to make me sound mentally unstable but despite that I still can't rule it out completely.
The most obvious detraction to this theory is the fact this site gets nine hits a day, which makes it highly unlikely anyone on the internets knows anything about this operation. However, due to a slow work day I have come up with at least three ways in which he may be aware of this site. 1. I've name-checked both Hipster Runoff and Carles before in this space, and it wouldn't be ridiculous to assume that Carles has a Google alert for anytime his name or his website is mentioned on the internets. 2. Maybe he saw that one Brooklyn Vegan post that had an excerpt of my writing. 3. I sent him an e-mail once.
With that minor detail out of the way, the question now becomes why he would read this shit. Admittedly, this one stumps me. However, I feel like there are times where I patch together some coherent thoughts which are enjoyable to read, and occasionally I attend shows that could pass as 'bloggable'. With that being said, I doubt he comes for the videos.
And again, just to reiterate, this whole post has been pure speculation. The chances of Carles actually being aware of this site is something akin to the chances of being mauled by a panda bear and grizzly bear in the same day. I don't actually think that he reads any of this, but rather I merely wanted to suggest that it wouldn't be completely inconceivable if he did.

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