11 April 2010

High on Fire @ Sonar, Baltimore 4/10/10

Last night on Saratoga Street, my beard grew three times in size. High on Fire, Priestess, Black Cobra, and Bison B.C. all threw down viciously rad sets. Walking through the parking lot, Bison B.C. could be heard clearly which was pretty cool but was also kind of shitty since it meant that we were running late. Bison B.C. was real sweet for sure, and their sound called to mind what Mastodon sounded like circa 2004.
If I was one to get hung up on details, then I would probably say that Black Cobra was good but could use a bass player. However, none of this occurred to me while they were playing. The formula worked well enough on it's own. One dude beat the shit out of the drums, and the other dude played guitar and I had a beer.
I get the impression that some people hate on Priestess, and I guess I can see why but regardless I dig them. Their singer had a Saint Vitus shirt on, and at one point made a hockey reference. I'm pretty sure all the dudes in that band watch hockey, which obviously makes them more legit.
High on Fire ruled so hard that it's kind of unfathomable to think about a day later. Seriously, that shit made me feel like I was ten feet tall.
On my end, it was the best show I had taken in awhile.


  1. Cool man. That was a good show. I've been waiting over a year now to see High on Fire. I know that's not long at all considering Pike's biography, but I had never heard of them before last year. I first heard Fury Whip on Pandora and bought all their discs. That was the best show for me since Slayer did all of RIB. I had neither heard of nor heard any of the other bands and made a point not to familiarize before the show. My take on the others was: Bison BC : impressive, more room for intensity; Black Cobra: shallow at first (due to on string guy), but really blew me away the last 20 minutes; Priestess : couldn't take the voice or comparatively upbeat tempo. The guy in his own little pit annoyed the shit out of me...

  2. i second the sentiment on the guy with own personal pit