27 April 2010

I bought this on Amazon for less than a pack of cigarettes

Bobby Conn: The Golden Age (Thrill Jockey 2001)
Bradford Cox said that in his opinion, this was the most defining and important work of the last decade and based on that I purchased this record on the cheap. I also like it because Pitchfork gave it a 2.9, and in the article the reviewer calls one song "disgusting". The lyrics on The Golden Age are comprised of talk about oral sex and implied drug abuse. In an interview, Conn himself said that the album was about "the depressing realization that I managed to extend the teenage years into my mid-30s." He then said that, "American society is structured to deal with superficial identity questions to keep people from making trouble." Dude has a lot going on inside his dome.
This record could easily rub people the wrong way. Super-intense lyrics people would probably be horrified by the tales woven on this record, and others could potentially be turned off by the music itself. There's some pretty serious falsetto at times, and the whole thing sparkles with glam rock sensibility. Haters would predictably say that it sounds like Prince, while older cats would enthusiastically say that it sounds like Prince but in a good way. There are also others who may adore this album. It's fun to listen to, and if you take the lyrics as just stories and aren't bothered by adult talk then this is a viable piece of music.
When a piece of art makes a person blush, one of two things occur. The individual in question either embraces the art and champions the cause, or they freak out and rail against it as much as they can. You have to have an open mind to spin this record. It can be enjoyable if let it. With that being said, if you go into it with your mind already made up then this may not play out so well.
Personally, I like the pastiche. Aspects of this record work for me, and perhaps they could work for you too.

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