16 April 2010

Lou Reed Week (Day Four)

(art by gary) (Writer's Note: This piece is actually slightly different colors when seen in person. One of the perks to knowing the artist, I guess.)
In later years, Lou has somehow managed to snare a role as this elder statesman of rock and roll, and it suits him well. With his music, Lou is always there. He may not be able to give advice, but he'll certainly tell you what's worked for him. And if the problem is too large, maybe Lou will tell you a story. Maybe one about a girl who smokes menthol cigarettes and has sex in the halls all while wearing dentures fasted to her nose.
He has had his vices, and he doesn't advocate them but he doesn't deny their effects either. Lou possesses a critical eye that is somewhat unmatched when compared to the great voices of rock and roll. It holds up with the the literary ones too. He sees it and presents it. He doesn't say to do this or that with it. It's just there, dig it. Critics may say this or that or the other about him, but he's always been there, through wardrobe changes and partners, he's always been there.
Lou Reed Albums seen as Bill Murray Movies

Transformer is Stripes
Coney Island Baby is Lost in Translation
The Blue Mask is Broken Flowers
Berlin is What About Bob?

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