27 April 2010

There's a new M.I.A song called "Born Free", and a short film for it dropped a few days back. The video is nine minutes long, and it's a raid on this apartment complex and the police are viciously attacking everyone they see. There's strong language, and nudity. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. And then the viewer comes to find out that the police were there looking for redheads. They finally find one, and they drag him out to this bus which is filled with gingers. Then they're taken out to the desert to fend for themselves. A little kid has his head blown off. Again, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. The internets has been all over this for days, to the point where I strongly considered ignoring the matter entirely via 'too much buzz' but I hadn't heard the song yet so I figured I should at least check it out. Maybe it was the movie, but I kind of dug the song. The record, which drops on June 29, may very well be cool. Video below. Again, this is very very graphic and kind of disturbing. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to serve as a commentary on how a certain group of people are being treated, and to highlight this atrocity the group in question was replaced by pale pasty boys with red hair in the video.


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