18 May 2010

I bought this on Amazon for less than a pack of cigarettes

No Age - Weirdo Rippers (Fat Cat 2007)
The building on the album cover for No Age's Weirdo Rippers is The Smell, an art space in Los Angeles. It doesn't always say "NO AGE Weirdo Rippers"on the marquee, but it is in fact a real place. Half a million blog years ago in 2006, No Age played their very first show at The Smell. Dean and Randy had been in another band called Wives, but it dissolved. The No Age live show experience began to catch on via word of mouth, and eventually there were noticeable amounts of hype in the clouds that followed the band.
In March of 2007, the duo recorded five different EPs and released them on five different labels. Those tracks were collected and assembled into the album Weirdo Rippers. And technically, the group's first show as a band was when they played at an art gallery for a show that was being curated by a friend. There's art in a lot of what these guys do. Presumably, they know artists and hang out with them. They obviously know people who are in bands. According to the internets, for a point in time The Smell possessed a mighty roster of dope bands. They played together and collaborated and did several other things of that ilk. With that knowledge in hand, it's not surprising that last summer's No Deachunter Tour went down with No Age as participants.
On the whole album, the guitar pulls you in. You'll learn the words eventually, and you'll certainly like the drumming. It works on so many levels. When you look at the lyrics, you soon realize no one is expecting a good time. Granted, something will happen but it probably won't be magical. It's all just whatever, but at least whatever is something. "I'm not afraid of laughter because it's all feeling" goes one of the tracks, and that's kind of the mood for the record.
It's not whiny, though. In the wrong hands, "Loosen This Job" could be a disaster but with these guys it works. Since there are only two of them, and one has to play guitar and the other drums there's never a lack of sound. "Dead Plane" is probably my most favorite of the lot of them.
It's potentially mind-bending to imagine these songs as parts of five different EPs. There are two or three songs on each, and it's probably real cool but it's only a taste. Combine them, and there are suddenly eleven tracks that stand out from mostly everything else.

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