24 May 2010

Music Video Reviews

Male Bonding - "Year's Not Long"
Male Bonding are a band from across the pond, who have been mentioned in this space before. They're signed to Sub Pop, and are potentially catchy. "Year's Not Long" is the song that has essentially been spearheading the hype, and in the video for the track the bros engage in a variety of athletic endeavors. They start out playing football, which must be a blatant attempt to appeal to American consumers since it's quite apparent that these guys are from England. Anyway, in the video it's all cheeky fun anyway so it works for these purposes. They also try pumping iron on the beach, and there's some basketball after that. It's all build-up for the arm wrestling match set to go down at that night's party. Both challengers approach the table, and take their seats. They clasp hands, and then they start making out. Then other dudes start making out with another, and it's at that point in the song where it's time for the big finale. Faster drumming, frantic guitar, and echo-y vocals. Cool song.

Zola Jesus - "Night"
As far as the video is concerned, she jumps through a dark mirror and is in an unfamiliar place. There are different versions of her all over the place, different characters. The song is rad in a Bat for Lashes kind of way. This writer would be lying if he didn't point out that these two artist sound somewhat similar to one another. It's not a bad thing, it's just something I had in my notes. This is much darker, and yet no less enthralling. More of this needs to be heard.

Tame Impala - "Solitude Is Bliss"
Dig the song. Dug the video.

Field Music - "Let's Write A Book"
I picked this one because I liked the title. The video reminded me of many things, none of which have anything to do with music or writing books. This was as scatterbrained as the shit my mind conjures up in the midnight hours. I would probably listen to this album in the daytime, though.

Best Coast - "When I'm With You"
This one may have an advertisement before it, which might mean that it was aimed at the masses. Like the MTV crowd. Possibly. This song is still fuzzed out loveliness, and bonus giggle points go out to the fact that the dude is dressed like Mcdonalds but scenes are filmed in front of In-N-Out Burger, and then there's the whole business at the end where the dude keeps hanging her exactly it is that she needs given the situation. If this song became the most popular song on the planet, I would be ok with that except that it would create an insane amount of pressure for duplication and to apply those sorts of standards to anyone really isn't cool.

The Morning Benders - "Promises"
In this video, younguns are acting like grown-ups. Actually, they take it a step further and are in the business of robbing banks. They also drink liquor, and smoke cigarettes. Unfortunately, it's not all good times and eventually there is bloodshed. Judging by this song, this album is probably pretty good.

Ducktails - "Pizza Time"
Instrumental jam, replete with rad black and white animation footage. We could probably talk about this band every day.

Monster Movie - "Bored Beyond Oblivion"
The band is called Monster Movie, and the name of their record label is Graveface. With that knowledge in hand, how could this video not be viewed? This was cool, but for actual analysis the whole album would need to be listened to thoroughly. However, the following makes it seem promising. From the band's Myspace page, "We work in an office - we hate it. We try to listen to modern music- we hate it. So, we try to make the music we want to hear. We hate that too but decide to call ourselves Monster Movie and carry on with it anyway."

Over the weekend, LCD Soundsystem performed at Terminal 5 several times. Apparently, at the end of each show he ended with what follows. A melding of his "New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down" with "Empire State of Mind". LCD Soundsystem will be performing at the Pitchfork Music Festival in July, as well as at Bonnaroo in June and next week's Sasquatch. New album entitled This Is Happening, out now.
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