02 May 2010

My Morning Jacket @ Merriweather Post Pavilion, 5/1/10

Last night was the official kick-off for the spring and summer concert series at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and unsurprisingly My Morning Jacket set shit off properly. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band served as the opening act, but it was painfully obvious that those in attendance were there for Jim James & Co., and the fact that the group played mostly older material instead of cuts from Evil Urges was an added treat.
On the way down, there was discussion about how My Morning Jacket has become fairly popular to the point of being mainstream and whether or not this was a good thing. As the conversation unfolded, I realized that My Morning Jacket was one of the first "indie"-ish bands that I ever listened to. After Radiohead, The Strokes, and Modest Mouse, but before the Hold Steady, of Montreal, and Ryan Adams. Basically, it was the same era as the Shins and the Flaming Lips. A term was coined for this phenomenon, "pre-Pitchfork". Forever and always in my mind, My Morning Jacket is a "pre-Pitchfork" band. I found them all on my own, and for several years salivated over the idea of seeing them live. My enthusiasm diminished in my later years, but regardless last night was kind of special.
I know that the show was good because I bought a fresh pack of cigarettes before the show started, and when the festivities ended I was out of smokes. My Morning Jacket are a rock and roll band, and when given the opportunity they put on a show. It was loud, and there were flashing lights. People in the crowd tried to dance and when they couldn't, they twirled glow sticks, and they did it all while slurping $9 cups of Jeremiah Weed. They could have played all night but there's a curfew in the Colombia area, so for the show closer, MMJ covered Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up".
Last night was everything one could hope for in terms of Merriweather concerts. Gary said that it was the best show he'd seen in a long while. I wouldn't go that far, but I can see why he would say that. Twas a splendid evening.

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