27 May 2010

New Wavves Album

Wavves is calling his new record King of the Beach, and it will arrive sometime in August on Fat Possum/Bella Union. I realize that Wavves conjures up a variety of emotions and feelings, both good and bad, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, obviously, but this is happening one way or the other. Here's the tracklist.

King of the Beach
1) King of the Beach
2) Super Soaker
3) Idiot
4) When Will You Come?
5) Post Acid
6) Take on the World
7) Baseball Cards
8) Convertible Balloon
9) Green Eyes
10) Mickey Mouse
11) Linus Spacehead
12) Baby Say Goodbye

(I saw this on Gorilla Vs Bear first, but then I went to work and didn't get to it 'til now. Then I saw the tracklisting on Pitchfork. As far as citations go, I would credit GvsB for the information since I would have posted this with or without a tracklisting. I'm grateful for the P4K scoop, but that's not where the bulk of the story comes from. With that being said, the content of this article came from GorillaVsBear)

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