09 May 2010

Woods: "At Echo Lake"

(available via Woodsist)
At Echo Lake is the fifth album to be released under the name Woods. Released on frontman Jeremy Earl's label Woodsist, this latest offering comes damn close to duplicating the magic that is the band's live performances. Standard journalistic framing would suggest that that this review should focus on the album in the context of the artist's overall career. However, such a treatment for this kind of record seems shallow. Yeah, it's firm step in one direction or another, but why belabor the point?
Ideal times to consume this album include: instances spent outside, daytime car trips to other states, and during the morning hours of your day off.
Maybe this only occurs on my end, but part of what makes Echo Lake soar is the fact that several of these songs are already utilized in the band's live set. "Death Rattles", "Suffering Season", "Blood Dries Darker", and "I Was Gone" have all been played at least once in a live setting recently. Listeners can also look forward to "Time Fading Lines", as well as "Mornin' Time". After repeated listens, "From the Horn" and "Deep" will probably become stand out tracks for some.
Admittedly, this review has been a little rushed. This is good music, and if this were another site then it would be called Best New Music. Here, I'm just going to say that this is what I dig.
This album can be bought as an LP, CD, or cassette over at Woodsist.

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