23 July 2010

day three

The terrain appeared especially slippery at mid-day of the third leg. There was rain early on, which pushed personal schedules back, and the damn sun was once again ever-present. I was in severe need of protein, and was sneaking granola any chance I found. I also realized that I had five packs of smokes left with only two days remaining in the city.
This was the end of it. My time was up, and I had to be going. When I first started making arrangements back in March for this, I initially was only to do Sunday but quickly realized that it made more conventional sense to do four days in the city and really take it all in. I had mastered the subway system sometime the night before, but regardless I had to leave by the next morning. There were really only two bands on the itinerary for the day, but that alone was enough to consume my attention.
Lightning Bolt is two men from Rhode Island, and they make some fantastic music. It's bass and drums, with pedals and a drummer who wears a mask that seems to have a microphone taped inside of it. The crowd erupted in an instant, which was quite the momentum shift following the mellowness of the previous act. Some had to flee due to the overwhelming intensity of it all, while others continued to surge towards the front. I had been lumped with an old timer crowd, who seemed set on securing a prime position for the end of the night. They were respectfully standing for the set, but still appeared overwhelmingly bewildered. The amount of noise that was generated was incredible. A bystander said it "sounded like someone getting raped,"which is obviously is in poor taste, but is also wrong because the music wasn't angry, it's just free. There are no walls. It is what it is, and it's totally rad.
The rest of the afternoon was spent retracing past steps and mis-steps. Looking back on decisions made, that were both good and bad. The music was there, and it was with me the whole time, but consistently did my mind wander. I let go for minutes at time, not because I was wracked with nerves but mainly because I was waiting. Eventually the hours would tick away, and it would be time for Pavement.

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