03 August 2010

Black Cobra, Howl, Struck by Lightning @ the Ottobar, Baltimore, MD, 8/1/10

Early on in the evening, there was discussion as to how many people exactly attend Sunday shows. The answer is an even forty, if you include members of the opening bands standing in attendance. Everyone was tuned in, and ready to get down. Almost everybody. There was a guy in sandals who kept trying to start a pit. He was grabbing dudes and throwing them into one another. If you're curious, he was only able to wrangle four other guys in. There was also a group of bros standing off to the left, who only seemed to be there because they knew someone from one of the early opening bands from the night. There were also some cats occupying the front right side, who were there for unknown reasons but it's at least possible that they were looking for live music.
Previous reports that Black Cobra needs a bass player turned out to be false, as they were totally heavy. Howl utilized a wildly expressive lead singer with a bad ass blue flying v, but also had a mildly distracting blonde playing a guitar. Struck by Lightning had the best tees for sale, and also had a sound that recalled a multiple vehicle chase on an expressway. Pretty rad for a Sunday night.

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