19 August 2010

Warpaint, Javelin, Beach Fossils @ the Ottobar, Baltimore, MD, 8/17/10

Apparently, a Tuesday night show in the summer isn't a very hard sell. Especially, when there are three bands in the house wrapping up a month long tour. It wasn't so much of a concert or show, as it was more like a showcase for independent alternative music. In an almost filled space, there were only three other beards but there were plenty of heads ready to get down, or at least stand there with arms crossed. There was a strange fellow with a backpack on bouncing off the walls, but he was later removed from the premises after climbing atop another's back.
At times, it made more sense to hang by the bar but it was understood that a floor presence for the headliner was necessary. The others weren't sure why at first, but it became apparent.
Beach Fossils release albums for Captured Tracks, and are from Brooklyn. They seem to come from the same school of sound theory as Real Estate, but they have a stand up drummer and guitarists who twirl. They also don't sing about suburban New Jersey, which is a shame. However, the music was pleasant enough so no real complaints.
Javelin is two guys, and one of them plays the electric drums. The music was a real delight on the ears, but the crowd was diffident about the matter and there was no movement.
It's hard not to gush when thinking about Warpaint. Four beautiful, strong, independent women who play guitar, bass, and drums, and make rad psych rock. The guitarists share singing duties, and the rhythm section is pure crack. There was absolutely nothing flimsy about this performance. Everything sounded so focused and deliberate. Predictably, the crowd was knocked back on its heels.
According to research, the band only has one EP out with a proper album slated for an October release. As a result, the set seemed short but was still undeniably gripping. Sheer awesomeness, the kind that is hard to shake the next day while at work. If this proves to be my last show in the greater Baltimore area, then it's safe to say that I did alright in my time here.
That last sentence is not a misprint. I will be moving to Philadelphia in about two weeks time. This has been in the works for awhile now, and I have the twelve posts in three months to prove it. And like always, in the supreme off-chance that someone is actually reading this and lives in the area, give me a shout and maybe we'll cross paths.

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  1. Awesome. Keep it coming brother. Also, thank you for driving which allowed me to get a decent buzz on.