26 October 2010

One Minute and Forty Two Seconds of New Daft Punk

Tron is a movie I've never seen, but it had Jeff Bridges in it so maybe the fault lies on my end. In keeping with the contemporary trend of remaking old things into reboots and/or sequels, and then putting them in 3D, Tron: Legacy will arrive in theaters on December 17. It looks cool, and that fact is only amplified by Daft Punk's participation. While they probably only have a cameo or two in the actual film; They're also doing the soundtrack. The entire thing. They are scoring the whole picture, and again this is a movie about robots and computers and things of that ilk. And, Daft Punk, mastermind DJs with rad robot garb and sweet pyramid, are responsible for all the music in it. This had been spinning in rumor mills for a million internet years, but now it's actually happening.

(via p4K via NME)

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