18 November 2010

Apparently, The Strokes are releasing a new album

Not to blow this out of proportion, but news is surfacing that The Strokes, a band that was a huge part of my teenage years and presumably yours as well, have just finished recording their fourth record. Lately, most internet reports had the band arguing and fighting with one another because allegedly they didn't like the sound of this new LP, due in part because they all have solo projects these days and the new album was just an amalgamation of those efforts. Presumably it was shit. However, Stereogum is reporting otherwise. Julian Casablancas and Nickolai Fraiture both posted on something called twitter to say that the band had finished recording a new album. Casablancas went as far to say that, "Still not going to be out for a months-mixing, etc, but just finally finished it yesterday actually." One word was capitalized in that, and singular exclamation and question marks were used but for editing purposes it has been posted in this space as it has just been typed. There's no title, and this won't hit ears until 2011, but still its nice to know that something is coming and not to apply too much pressure but it might be cool.


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