02 November 2010

The Bitters - "Travelin' Girl"

The Bitters - Travelin' Girl from Mexican Summer on Vimeo.

This might be my most favorite video of the year. Additionally, it is becoming determined that this band is a powerhouse. This is undeniably rad, but it also makes me very sad. The record, East General, came out six months ago and today is the first time its been mentioned in this space. As a web journalist, I have failed. Then again, I've been a failure as a print journalist for over two years now.
The Bitters are comprised of Aerin Fogel and Fucked Up/Young Governor's Ben Cook. They call what they do 'Cave Pop', which sounds a whole lot better than me describing them as 'groovy, catchy, dig-worthy lo-fi' or whatever other lazy description I'd come up with on a Tuesday. According to research, for live shows Jonah Falco from Fucked Up does drums and various different bass players are utilized.
This is kind of just a briefing on what could turn into a new full-fledged obsession. The album can be purchased through all the proper channels, but Mexican Summer has a real dank overall roster and for my money is the way to go.

(most of what i learned today came via Mexican Summer with a dash of gorilla vs bear)

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