14 November 2010

New Ghostface Albums

The internets is reporting that Ghostface is preparing to release several new records in the near future. The Apollo Kids will be the first to drop with a December 14th arrival date promised, and then sometime after that two more joints. One will be called Blue & Cream while the other will be titled Supreme Clientele Part II. Again, there are no release dates for these other two albums, but a Supreme Clientele sequel is exciting even in theory. There's no denying that Raekwon heroically saved us all last year by releasing Only Built for Cuban Linx Part II. It was the dopest thing that happened to hip hop in 2009, and it was a follow up to a classic, and now Ironman is following suit with a companion piece that has been years in the making. A track off of The Apollo Kids, (a Supreme Clientele reference in and of itself), is streaming over at the Def Jam website. It's called "Together Baby". Listen or not. Have a drink tonight because there is officially cause for celebration.

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