01 November 2010

Rock and Roll Onstage Explosion featuring Women

Full disclosure: That was a very lazy headline meant to incite amplified amounts of traffic to this fledgling, little darling of a web address. There weren't even any women involved in this incident, but rather it was the Canadian band Women who apparently lost their collective shit the other day while in British Columbia. This wasn't a Wavves-like meltdown which involved loads of shit talking and drug consumption. This was more along the lines of the guitarist punching the bass player in the head, and other things of that ilk. P4K had the scoop this morning, and what it really boils down to is plain old exhaustion. The latest record, Public Strain, came out at the end of September and the other album came out mere months before (or at least so it seems), so this coupled with the fact that the current indie landscape has bands playing one thousand four hundred and sixty shows in a calendar year, it all kind of makes sense. The rest of the tour has been cancelled, and all the remaining stops were in Europe anyway. Playing guitar can be very draining, and playing the guitar well can be doubly draining so in a way these cats deserve some time off. (Writer's Note: I have to apologize. This seemed way more newsy when I started typing it out.)

(again via p4k)

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