05 December 2010

Best of 2010: Missed Opportunities

December has appeared out of nowhere, and with that in mind whether its necessary or not, it becomes time to think about the year's best. This means there will be lists in this space. However, before the definitive list can be revealed its important to know that I miss out on some things. Mainly because I chose to move, and then anytime I had two coins to rub together I quenched my thirst instead of buying a new album. It should be noted that there is a fair amount of speculation to follow. I'm merely assuming this is what I should have been listening to.
No Age - Everything in Between (Sub Pop, 2010)
Anyone with access to my last.fm page knows that I dig this band. Accordingly, I was really stoked for this record thinking that it would be a culmination of previous efforts with a firm grasp on what the future would bring. My headphones were ready for it to happen, but then it was released on the same day as the new Deerhunter and I had to make an editorial decision.
The Fresh & Onlys - Play It Strange (In the Red, 2010)
This one hurts even more because this is a band that I've seen live, and went so far as to hear a few tracks off this album. Everything I know about this band can be associated with the word rad, but in keeping time with the universe, the timing wasn't right for a purchase to be made. Chances are, a copy will be in my possession by year end but in good conscience it can't be put on the final list because the feelings it will invoke would send it straight to the top and that wouldn't be fair to other records that I've been wrestling with all year.
Ty Segall - Melted (Goner, 2010)
This one is the result of neglect, and nothing else. It was on my radar for most of the summer, but at the time there was no urgency in my bones and as a result no action was taken. Fast forward to present day, and you will see a very sad writer who could desperately use some new garage rock in his life, among other things.
The Bitters - East General (Mexican Summer, 2010)
A late discovery, but still one that should have been purchased. At night, in the dark, as I rest my head, I tell myself that I couldn't have bought this one because I don't have a firm mailing address and that a digital download would be unacceptable. It all could have been so much fun. On the way to work in the morning on the train nodding my head to this, and then on the way home tapping my toes to the same beats. If only...

Of course, there are scores of others as well. The latest from Girls springs to mind. For the sake of online journalism, I should have gotten the new Kanye album although that perfect 10 from P4K kind of scared me. Can it really be that good? For reasons beyond my understanding, I've chosen to completely ignore Ariel Pink but there may be some sort of subconscious reason for that. The same could be said about Wild Nothing and Twin Shadow. I totally missed the boat on Radio Dept.'s Clinging to a Scheme, as well as the Morning Benders. And lastly, I was intrigued by ceo.

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  1. Meh on the first go-round on the K West album. One song I was almost embarrassed to play in my car, but lots of shock value.