25 January 2011

Earth Girl Helen Brown - "Story of an Earth Girl"

This is what internet dreams are made of. These sounds conjure up feelings that have long been stagnant. The Story of an Earth Girl EP is limited to 500 vinyl copies, and the record includes appearances by Sonny Smith of Sonny & the Sunsets, John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees, members of the Sandwitches, and more. Preorder HERE. Available from Forest Family records on or around March 1st.
Via the Forest Family website concerning the Helen Brown origin, "Rampant drug use, frequent fainting on stage, and occasional self-inflicted knife wounds on stage led to more interest in her stage antics than her music. However, a few sides did emerge in the late '90s (recording dates unknown), which feature a unique mix of country, girl group, R&B, and ghoulishness." (via)
Video for the title track below. Say l-o-v-e.
(via gvsb)

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  1. To early to call this video post of 2011, but cool vid. Of course now that Velvets track is up which more or less made my day. Keep posting.