31 January 2011

New Vivian Girls Album

Still a few months to go, but we got album art and tracklist. Dropping April 12th via Polyvinyl, the new home for the band. You can pre-order it already, and it looks like it'll ship a week and a half early. There's also a new drummer, and the record was made at Rear House under the supervision of Jarvis Taveniere of Woods. There's a track out already titled "I Heard You Say" which can be downloaded here.

TRACKLIST: Share The Joy
1. The Other Girls
2. I Heard You Say
3. Dance (If You Wanna)
4. Lake House
5. Trying to Pretend
6. Sixteen Ways
7. Take It as It Comes
8. Vanishing of Time
9. Death
10. Light in Your Eyes

(via p4k)

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