27 January 2011

Quick Hits

This is probably as much relevancy as one can handle. So much so that crisp ashes have just been deposited into my freshly opened can of National Bohemian. (Writer's Note: I sincerely wish I was making this up, but I literally just snuffed a cigarette out in my beer. Total accident, but still something I'll have to live with for eternity.)

-Wilco Start Record Label
Over the summer it was announced that veritable lords of really great rocknroll/alt-country, Wilco, had left whatever record label they were on. This is fully confirmed today as news broke through the internets that Jeff Tweedy and company had started their own jaunt. dBpm is the name, and releases will be distributed through ANTI-. The band has a short May tour planned with no east coast dates, but it appears a new record is in the works.

-Rad New Ducktails Single Needs Funding
Matthew Mondanile is in the group Real Estate, and is also Ducktails. Recently, a song was made featuring Noah Lennox better known as Panda Bear. The song is called "Killin' the Vibe", and is technically available on vinyl and itunes but efforts are being made for it to get the 12" treatment. A Kickstarter has been created to get it out, and contributions can be made here. Qualified charitable donations will result in cassette mixes of unreleased songs and other real cool things.

-No Age music video
One of the most favorite, No Age, have a new video for the track "Fever Dreaming". Boom.
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