26 February 2011

I bought this on Amazon for less than a pack of cigarettes

Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls (In the Red, 2008)
There was a time in the past, where this writing would have never occurred. Despite an initial interest, it proved to be fleeting and it was set off to the side. However, due to a healthy dose of offerings in the form of side projects from band members, this album has been spun again.
The internets kind of turned on this group, but now in a web-free environment this record works. There are two major knocks on this band. One: They talk too much in between songs at shows, and secondly on this album the drummer is accused of doing the same exact thing on each and every song. Banter during a live performance is endearing if nothing else, and as far as the dispersions cast on the percussion work, that's just hate. It's on the simple side, but it pops in your headphones and it accompanies song so yet again the internet commenter fails to see the big picture.
This is a full-length so it can be called a long-player, but it clocks in at just a hair over twenty minutes. With something so short, it's borderline negligent to start identifying stand out tracks. "Tell the World" and "Where Do You Run To" are the obvious stalwarts, but the whole joint is damn solid. It's somewhat of an abridged history lesson for all things garage rock related. Like a primer course really, which means that more research and studying would need to be done but this still isn't a bad place to start if you're working backwards. If there's still doubt about these women's credentials then one need not look any further than the Blank Dogs record, Under and Under, where the featured backing band is the one covered here in this space today.

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