02 April 2011

Even you

Breakneck leather jackets, and stubbed out cigarettes. Not fazed by rain, sleet, or snow. The sun is kind of a bitch, though. Pitchers of beer to get through the day normally, but today a whiskey and something out of a can. Relentless shit swirls. The one nice part of being detached is that you don't miss. Now your life will probably still be a overwhelming failure so strikeouts will still occur, but there's no longing.
The train is late, and the coffee room temperature. Everything and nothing happen at the same time. Fatigue sets in, along with doubt. It's only for a moment though. The focus becomes readjusted, and it continues. You don't like this band. I don't like that band. Change clothes, and fuck it. I've done bad things. We all have, I hope. It seems viciousness never sleeps, and there's a malicious mail man around every corner. Speak with someone, and see what happens.

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