11 May 2011

Desperately anxious to discover

"I was like, 'well can I at least get a peck?', and he was like 'I'm gay, I can't', and then I was like 'what does that have to do with anything?', and like..."
This is how the city has chosen to speak today. The same city that doesn't feel sorry for anyone, and no matter how dour circumstances become, the city that shows shit that is so much worse. All the shows are going to sell out, and the only place with an open door is a college dropout hangout where cherubs pay for single slices by credit card and in doing so distract the bartender from serving cold lager. My hair falls out as this realization sinks in.
"I've been scouting out districts for weeks now, but I'm having trouble settling on one..."
Agents for change, reformers, and the financially irresponsible all jockey for the same position. The papers have been saying that presiding over traffic court can net you 80k annually, and that it only goes up from there. The electoral race is fast approaching. The 'like' crowd isn't voting, and neither are the ones who strip naked in train station bathrooms and declare themselves to be Mumm-Ra in an eternal battle against Lunataks. They all need your support, and your cigarettes as well.
"You need to be careful, especially around the subway stops. You know, because you wear glasses..."
Toddlers step out in front of traffic during the day, and if someone didn't have their glasses on then you'd hear about it on the news. Nobody knows what they want, or even what they like. Collectively tires spin, but beyond that there isn't a whole lot going on. You can give up. They can too. I'm not.


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